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Give a gift
Today, I am really happy because I give one gift to my close friend and see one wonderful smile on her face after seeing my gift. I give her one coffee mug which is beautiful and she really likes it. Let me share with all of you that mug image. 
[Image: mDlVfPMYTqCp_HxGK_teEng.jpg]
What do you say about this?

I will enjoy bus to niagara falls from boston in next days. 
This is seriously a nice gift which you have given to your best friend and she felt delighted after receiving it from your side. I am happy and like to say simple things also could give little delights to anyone if you give it with love. I also have given one mug of tea to my mother on Mother's day. "Happy Mother's day" statement was written on this mug. After getting this gift from my side my mother also felt happy and said thanks, my son. This polite words made me amazed and gave unseen delight.
Cooper, It is really a good thing to know that you have gifted a coffee mug to your friend and saw a beautiful smile on her face. Well, I would say that it is really a special and great feeling to get a wonderful gift from a friend's side. I also got
[Image: 8716_main?$v2_phab_detailmain_lrg$]
from my friend's side on my last birthday and that was a great and unforgettable happiest moment for me.
Yusha, I must say that you have got such beautiful gift from your friend's side. I am happy for you but a feeling bit bad to say that i have no friends so always feel fully lonely when anyone talks about his/ her friend's. But seriously must say both of you are lucky because you have friends.

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