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My favorite hobbies
Every person must like some hobbies which he/she like to enjoy his/her in free time/ Let me share with all of you my favorite hobbies names here.
Bkie Riding
Listen Music
Viewing nature beauty 
Watching movies
Cooper, It is really good to know that you have shared the names of your favorite Hobbies with all of us here. I must say that some of these are mutual hobbies among us like
Listen to Music
Watching movies
I love to enjoy these things in my free time to make the time really wonderful and entertaining for me.

It was great to be the part of bus san francisco to yosemite
So glad after known about those ventures which you like to enjoy always in your free time. I like all and now love to talk about our mutual hobby which is Travelling. I think this is a vast venture which fascinates all fun-seekers always. What does your mind say about this? Would you like to share here?

I am excited about bus trips to philadelphia.
Yusha! Good to know that you also like these hobbies for making your time interesting for you. No doubt through enjoying these things we will feel nice and make our time amazing for us. Anyhow, Rachael, that's great you like traveling like me. Would you like to tell me how traveling raze is develop in you?
Being a fun freak i have also some hobbies which I like most and wanna enjoy them with my mates. Here would like to mention those hobbies which are most important for me to live alive with full of passion.
Cycling on Mountain.
Reading novel & Book
Traveling to beautiful surroundings.
Mr.Paang, I am going to say that you have created really a nice list of the hobbies here which are your favorites to enjoy in spare time and have fun. All of these are nice but I would like to talk about the Reading novel & Books from your side. How this interest developed in you? which kind of books are your favorites? What is your favorite Author?
Mr.Paang! That's great you also share your favorite hobby list here. All activities are awesome and after reading these activities names, I assume that you are a adventure lover because all activities are best for enjoying adventure things. what say about this? Am I right?

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