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Full Version: Hello from EA
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Welcome all Freshwater anglers. Enjoy your stay and please participate in discussions.
Hi buddy, I am new here and damn excited after joining this board. I am so sure will have a good time with all new members and great discussion.
Hello, Extreme Angler, It is great to see that you liked to say welcoem to all newbie on the board in a nice way. I am a new member of the board and my name is Yusha. Hopefully, going to have a great time here.
Yusha !! glad to find you here and love to say stay connected.
Rachael, Its good to see you here. Hope going to have a great time with you. Anyways, I would love to know something about yourself. I mean your hometown and studies. Will you share with us?
Hello, buddy, i am also a new member in this community and feeling excited now. I am quite sure here i will be superb time and will get something interesting information about different things which i like most. Anyhow, will you all share something about yourself?
Hello, Extreme Angler! I am really happy after join this community and gals to see that you say welcome to all the new comer here. Anyhow, from my side, I also say warmly welcome to all the new comers here.
Cooper, Thanks for making us the part of your discussion. I am also so much happy after joining this community and feeling there i can discuss lots of interesting topics with the member of this community because here is everyone seems fun freak and love with fun. By the way, would you tell me something more about yourself? what do you like to do in your free time?